The Worlds most expensive ‘Oma Fiets’ (Granny Bike)?

Having had the pleasure of living and experiencing cycling in the Netherlands for a number of years, I became familiar with the term Oma/Opa fiets – basically translates to Granny/Grandad bike…





Generally used as workhorses for shopping or pottering around the Buurt (neighbourhood), you can see practically hundreds chained up around train stations, like Amsterdam Central…


These bikes can be picked up for next to nothing second hand, either on local online auction sites, or flea markets like Waterlooplien…


Earlier today I cam across this , from luxury French travel goods brand Moynat…


The Malle comes with luxury upholstered picnic trunk,complete (and resplendent) with porcelain goblets, china plates and silverware .

The cost?

approx. 33,650.00 pounds sterling!

Is there actually a need for this?

available via Moynat

Alan Super Record

This was initially a salvage project, after I found this early to mid ’80’s Alan Super Record left to rot in a garden…


without decals, I cleaned the frame up, sadly there were quite a few scratches,


 the drive side down tube shifter boss was missing..


and I noticed a pair of hairline cracks across the seat stay caps..

042 043

which pretty much meant the frame is a write off. I could perhaps have sought a machinist’s help in making new stay caps, but did not relish the idea of removing the old.

I then came across an earlier Alan Super Record frame, with lug cut outs, which was the right size for the spare forks…


I had a Campagnolo Victory 7 speed gruppo waiting, (all bar the brake levers),a Campagnolo C Record headset, and as the bike is destined to be a commuter/rain bike, decided I would use combined brakes and shifter units on drop bars…


(Pictured in commuter mode with lights and spd pedals)

As the frame is an earlier model, the rear spacing is 126mm.

The Campagnolo “brifters” are in fact 8 speed, which would need 130mm rear spacing, or an OLD hub,but they are also compatible with a 7 speed freewheel, which is what I made do with until I make a suitable 8 speed wheel set…here’s some more pictures with Campagnolo Victory toe cage pedals…

003 014

005 004



008 011

The gruppo is used, which I’m comfortable with as it gives an overall “original condition” finish.

I always though that the name ‘Alan’ ws an amalgamation of Aluminium Anodised, but it is in fact from ALberto and ANna Maria Falconi, the brand owner and his wife’s first names.

New Bag!

I finally decided to ‘pony up’ for a decent back pack , after looking around quite a while.

Given the rise in bicycle use, ‘lifestyle’ apparel and accessories are readily available.

I looked at and coveted quite a number of bike suitable back packs available on the North American market, some really cool stuff, but, the costs seem ridiculous given that I’ve bought high end vintage bikes at less than these bags, combined with shipping costs and import duty, these beauties were beyond me.

Then I found this..

molle bag

002 004

It’s a Army surplus type 25 litre rucksack, constructed from cordura, with MOLLE straps.

Its has enough storage compartments for me, and is waterproof , due to being internally proofed .


The bag has two main compartments, which will take a small to medium laptop or tablet, and the rear has the capacity to insert a water bladder. The front two smaller sections have MOLLE webbing, with the larger suitable for attaching my Kryptonite lock enabling external carrying, so I don’t have to open the bag in the wet.


The rear is well padded, with a waist strap,MOLLE straps on the shoulder straps and a couple of handy D loops. The brand logo on the bag is ‘Kombat.UK’, and I bought it on a well known online auction site for just 25 pounds sterling!

Thanks to my new friend ‘Uncle’ Glen for providing the vibes during this shoot ….


( I found the Giant at a dump and have been using it in shit weather, shame to have seen it left to rot) .

Strange Cat !

This has surfaced recently on a well known on-line auction site, a Colnago Master Pui tricycle ,

$_57 $_5ggggggggg7

with two wheels at the front, possibly constructed for stability, or, built for the circus industry?

h j

the original forks are in the background, so the customisation is changeable,

the vendor is asking approximately 2k pounds sterling, but sadly no explanation is written within the listing, or provenance regarding if this was a factory built customisation .

available here


Whilst browsing an on-line auction site, I stumbled across this senselessness…


it’s a Colnago Dream road bike, utterly defaced ,

blue tyres, shit saddle ,colour coded stem, rise-able risers,seat post and clamp, and the pedals?

just plain insulting.


And the colour coded chain guard, I mean, really?

If Ernesto saw this I bet his little feet would curl up in horror…