Colnago C50 Cyclocross, Team Rabobank

024 (2)Picked this up the other day, a C50 Cyclocross,

ex Rabobank team bike which was a reserve bike for Joeri Adams



Bike was purchased by the vendor from the Rabobank team official resale agent, and came with full

Dura Ace 7800 group and Pro stem, bars and seat post, all team spec and original, the vendor installed the mis matched wheelset.

1985 Hutch Trickstar

Vintage bikes, road, track, mtb, etc have been reaching premium prices these last few years.

I’ve been keeping an eye on vintage bmx bikes, when I was a lad, my parents got me a second hand Diamond Back (they bought my brother a brand new one,maybe because I was no good at school), and lusted after GT’s, Haro’s and especially Hutch Trickstars, during a recent online auction browse, I found this exquisite piece, restored by a bmx collector in the U.K….



stunning ! refurbed with nos components…

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trick platform on top tube/ seat cluster and bear cage type trick mount on the chain stays…


and trick pegs on the forks


vendor asking just under $15,000, I wonder if this will set a precedent in the market?

listed here

Lance Armstrong Eddy Merckx Team Motorola MXL TT circa ’95

This has recently surfaced on an online auction site…



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The components are certainly a mixed bunch…

Dura ace 7400 front and rear dérailleur crankset, headset and seatpost. 

Shimano 600 brakes tri color. 

Cinelli stem and aero bar

Shimano bar end shifters

Shimano 105 brake levers

Shimano 105 front wheel

Shimano 600 rear wheel ”

Lance Armstrong’s 1995 team Motorola Caloi eddy Merckx MX leader. 56cm.

The bike has been used and raced by lance Armstrong during the 1995 season. ”

This bicycle certainly is a part of pro road racing history, but I wonder if it will achieve it’s nearly $10k 

buy it now price, given how far Armstrong fell from grace after being proven a cheat?

Eddy Merckx Professional, (fully pantographed ), circa 1983

This was possibly part of my greatest ‘shed finds’ to date,bought as part of a job lot, which included a damaged Alan roadbike, a Gazelle Champion Mondial AA frameset , Gazelle Champion Mondial AB roadbike with Campagnolo Victory gruppo…and a 35 litre rucksack full of Campagnolo.

I paid a modest 150 Euro for the lot, and had a mission and a half getting home as I travel without car.

I took everything by tram and train home,and had to walk with the rucksack, a frame over each shoulder, and a bike in each hand.I think it was the euphoria of the find that kept me marching .

I initially turned up at the vendor’s home to buy the Alan and the Gazelle Champion Mondial AA,when I arrived I was greeted by a kind lady and her male friend,and was told the lady’s husband had past away, but had been a bicycle enthusiast.When the deal had been concluded,the lady told me her late husband would have been happy the items ended up with me.



Full Eddy Merckx pantographed Campagnolo Super Record gruppo.

The rear triangle stays were really quite corroded, the frame actually sounded like a set of maracas if you shook it due to loose particles inside, so as the frame was too big for me, I sold it.

Soon after, I managed to find another Eddy Merckx Professional, in my size and in better condition..

004 005 009 011

The Professional model comes with De Rosa fork crowns, as the brand collaborated with Eddy’s factory in production..


I will use yellow Benotto bar ribbon, Campagnolo gum lever hoods, and either a suede or yellow Concor Super Corsa saddle, and I will build a wheelset.