Colnago Dream Cyclocross (CX) Rabobank Team

After the heartache of letting the Dual go due to size issues, I got lucky…

I managed to get a Colnago Dream CX, in the exact same Rabobank Team decor as my Lux Dream roadie!

(pictured more or less as found)


It came with Rabobank Team spec Dura Ace 7700 , apart from Ultegra 6700 crankset , Shimano wheels, and unknown calipers, I changed the stem, saddle and bar tape







Colnago Dual Cyclocross (C X) circa 1988

I’d been lusting after one of these for some time, then this came up..


pictured as I found it…


The Colnago Dual C X (cyclocross) made in collaboration with ALAN, circa 1988.

The previous owner (only 1!) told me he used to compete on it back in the day, and was quite successful.

The frame set feels really too small for me 54×50, given my ’96 Master Olympic is 59×55, so sadly, will have to go.

I added so gum wall cross country tyres and changed the bar wrap…

035 048 042 040 

045 041

 now sold

Cinelli Rampichino Airone 10

Picked this up today, a Cinelli Rampichino Airone 10..

The Rampichino was first introduced in Italy by Cinelli in circa 1985, this model is a 10th anniversary edition, and references the Italian MTB magazine Airone …

003 006

was in a bit of a state, the drive side bb cup worked itself nearly out, so the crank seized on the ride home…

005 008

so I tightened it up, and lost the rack and comedy stem stack..

The bike came with a factory fitted Shimano STX group, FIR MTB rims and a 3ttt cockpit with near mint bars, which I’ll use on a restoration build , and swap for a used set.



Built with bin parts, Cannondale Grind pedals, Flite saddle, Smart Sam 26×2,25 tyres I needed to use and a resprayed seat post, a nice low key number!

I wanted an army green bike, and this comes with textured Cinelli “Hard Touch ” paint!